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Welcome to More than 100 Years Ago on Long Island

This website provides a pictorial history of the first limited access roadway in America, The Long Island Motor Parkway. Running east/west, the Parkway's route took it through Queens, Nassau and Suffolk Counties. The first few pages show maps of the parkway, postcard images, historical markers, advertisements used to promote the parkway and as a selling point for local businesses and odds and ends. The remaining pages detail sections of the parkway still accessible and show remaining relics found on my many explorations. The photos provide a glimpse of the full 48 mile road, with as many relics of the roadway as can be found. We hope that interest in maintaining these artifacts will grow, and in conjunction with local authorities and others involved in urban development, future generations will be able to get a glimpse of the engineering marvel of the Long Island Motor Parkway.

Undated Map Showing Lodges

1910 Map

1926 Socono Map


Road Construction

As with any roadway and particularly those in the NY Metro area, this site is continuously under construction. It probably will never be fully completed, however there's no need for any toll lodges as there will never be any toll to be paid. New pages and revisions to existing ones will be on-going. Enjoy.

Your Input is Appreciated

I've recently added a "Comment" page for you to submit your input concerning this website and/or the Long Island Motor Parkway. After you've looked through the site be sure to go to the last page and let me know what you think. Thank you ahead of time for your interest.


This page would not be possible were it not for the wealth of information about the Motor Parkway provided on vaious websties maintained by members of the Long Island Motor Parkway Panel. Panel member Sam Berliner III has provided very detailed coverage of the Long Island Motor Parkway and without his information, most of what is on this website would never have been photographed and researched. Thank-you Sam.

Copyright for Maps

Pictures of maps on this website are from the Hagstrom Company. The older ones which generally have the Motor Parkway hilighted in blue are circa 1947-1950 with the new ones from the 1990s. I wish to thank the Hagstrom Company for their permission to use these.

"Reproduced with permission from the Hagstrom Map Company, Inc. - KR11404A".

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