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This page details the Motor Parkway after it crossed Conklin/Bagatelle Road in the area of Dix Hills/Half Hollow Hills. Shown in red on the map to the left, it crossed Bagatelle just north of today's Threepence Drive and ran north between Bagatelle and Burr's Lane. Further north, and approximately where today's Long Island Expressway is, it veered to the northeast.

The following link to a 1917 map shows the Parkway and Parkway property east, west and north on both sides of Bagatelle. Zoom in to the bottom, center of the map to view the area being discussed (the Parkway is in purple). This and the next link are courtesy of

This next link is to a 1941 map of the same vicinity. Zoom in to the top, center of the map. By this time the Parkway was no longer in service and its property had been sold. The Parkway is in yellow as are most of the other roads shown. 

This first photo (below left) shows where the Parkway crossed Conklin/Bagatelle Road and begin its journey north. The view is from the west side of Bagatelle looking east. Using it can be determined that the roadway today would run right through the middle of the house which was built long after the roadway closed. The next set of pics show the general vicinity that I traveled through to find the posts. The wooded area is to the left of the house in the first photo and continues north. It was quite rough going and I wouldn't recommend it as a leisurely stroll through the woods. The pics on this page were taken in Dec., 2010 and April, 2011.

Relics of the Past

Here are pics of the posts (and one of possible roadway pavement) I found during my explorations on this side of Bagatelle. The roadway ran directly in back of the houses that are a little further north from where it crossed Bagatelle.

More Recent Relics . . .

And what would a trip on the Motor Parkway be without uncovering some of today's relics. Check out the flying machine that somehow made its way onto the Parkway! And the Speedaire product (air compressor tank?) manufactured by The Dayton Electric Manufacturing Company. Interesting, I found the following Wikipedia listing when doing a search on Dayton Electric: "The Dayton Electric was an American electric car manufactured in Dayton, Ohio from 1911 until 1915; the company offered a complex range of vehicles." More investigation is needed to see if there is a connection between the Motor Parkway era car maker and today's company. 

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