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Field Day in Dix Hills

As a result of some good luck, members of the Long Island Motor Parkway Preservation Society were recently able to travel back in time and experience a good stretch of original parkway in Dix Hills. This organization has been meeting for the past number of years with the goal of keeping the history of the Motor Parkway alive. If you would like further information about it, let me know or contact Howard Kroplick, President at

On April Fools Day, 2012, and no, this wasn't a joke, the Society was able to see first hand and actually walk on nearly 300 feet of the Motor Parkway located in a back yard in Dix Hills. It was an exceptional experience and it really made the history of the parkway come to life. Unfortunately, my never ending quest for original Motor Parkway posts didn't turn up any at this location, but I never give up hope. A special thank you to the property owners for allowing members of the Society to take advantage of this find.

Following this set of pictures are some taken in November of 2016 during a tour of the Motor Parkway I conducted for some friends. Carmine okayed bringing my buddies to see up close the Parkway in its most original setting.

The next picture is yours truly standing on The Motor Parwkay with a timely antique auto.

No, the car wasn't there all these years - a member of the LI Model A Club brought it along for effect.

And Howard brought his original Alco that raced in the Vanderbilt Race back in 1909.

Notice the tree line that followed the Parkway in this and the next pic.

The next pic is property adjacent to the above area which obviously has not been cleared away.

But the tree line still shows where the Parkway traveled.

Maybe one day we'll have the opportunity for another field trip to get a better look at this area. 

And of course, what would pictures of the Motor Parkway be without a tire.

November, 2016 Pictures

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