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North Side of Motor Parkway

The following pictures were taken in the summer of 2004 and depict the northen edge of the Motor Parkway in Garden City. Other pictures of this location (north of Stewart Ave. in Garden City, accessible via Raymond Court) were primarily of posts taken on the southern edge of the Parkway. This site continues to be a prime location to view what remains of the Long Island Motor Parkway.

This post lies a few feet in front of a chain link fence that separates the motor parkway site from a water treatment facility. The fence runs along the right of way for most of the pictures shown on this page. I'm not sure what the red marking on the wooden pole behind the post is, beyond possibly being some type of marker for either the water treatment facility or LIPA, which has power lines on the other side of the roadway.

Close-up of Above Post

More Posts

Here's a shot of a post in the low foreground and another towards the rear, closer to the metal fence. The one is the rear is made more noticeable by the red lettering on it.

Posts Lined Up in a Row

Rectangular Post

More Posts

More Rectangluar Posts with Roadway on Right

Close-up of Roadway and Posts

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