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During Sept. of 2010, I investigated a piece of Motor Parkway history that I never before knew had existed. This page provides pictures of a Motor Parkway bridge that I don't believe actually was built, but did have its abutments created. At the invitation of a co-worker whose backyard happens to sit on the Motor Parkway roadway in Garden City, I brought my camera and went to work.

1950 Map of the Area

This is a 1950 Hagstrom map of the area in question showing the Motor Parkway (in red) heading south, crossing Old Country Road towards the left of the center of the map. The blue road is Transverse Road which passes through (over? under?) the Motor Parkway (in red) and ends at Pell Terrace. 

The undated photo on the right shows Old Country Road going east and west across the top (in purple) and Clinton Road (also in purple), sloping downwards towards the left side of the picture. The Motor Parkway (in blue), heading south of Old Country Road intersects Clinton Road near the bottom of the diagonal; following it back up again, the circle is where I suspect the bridge was to be erected. The intersection is where the Motor Parkway crosses Transverse Road. Earlier maps show Transverse to be called Mineola Road. The Motor Parkway in this area ran between today's Russell Road and Pell Terrace. To the right of Clinton Road is where today's Roosevelt Field Shopping Mall stands. 

This is an undated picture of the abutments in question.


Additional research is being undertaken with the help of other Motor Parkway experts to determine why this bridge was contemplated but probably not built. The pictures that follow were taken at the invitation of the homeowner on Pell Terrace who allowed me entrance to his property. The Parkway ran between his property and the property of his backyard neighbor, on Russell Road. Both properties include one side of the proposed bridge.


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