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South of Westbury Avenue

The Motor Parkway (in blue on the map) made its way south, bordering Mineola on the west and Carle Place on the east. The following pictures were taken in a wooded area west of the current Waldbaum's supermarket and south of Westbury Avenue. Today, Voice Road is located between Westbury Ave. on the north and the LIRR Main Line on the south. The location is very overgrown with weeds and is fairly dangerous to get into. However, finding your way into the thickets uncovers more posts and possibly original roadway.

The broken post below on the left shows the twisted wire found with other Motor Parkway posts elsewhere and sits on an embankment that was probably one side of the roadway. The post on the right was found after fighting through the weeds and assorted brush, and then taking an easier route back to where I began my exploration. This post was in a much more accessible point just waiting to be photographed. Little did I know that before I fought my way through the brush!

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