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Area Near Westbury Avenue

The next few pages detail the area shown in the map below and tracks the Motor Parkway (outlined in blue) from Jericho Turnpike in the north to just west of Roosevelt Field in the south. The Parkway ran parallel to Glen Cove Road. These pages show the Parkway north and then south of Westbury Avenue. On to the pics . . .

Note: In 2012 the area was impacted but a flood remediation effort to reduce flooding. The next page shows the impact of this to the Motor Parkway area in the immediate vicinity. The other pages were taken prior to the excavation.

This is a photo of the path of the Motor Parkway heading south towards Westbury Avenue after crossing Jericho Turnpike. The area to the left has some old posts hidden in the brush. Some of the following pictures show the pavement that ran along the Parkway.

Looking North From Westbury Avenue

This is a picture looking north that shows a ridge that might possibly be indicative of the Motor Parkway embankment.

And other items from the Motor Parkway age

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