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This page details the Motor Parkway from New Hyde Park Road on the west (left on map) to Shelter Rock Road on the east. The left portion of the map shows the Old Courthouse Road bridge discussed on the prior page at the bottom of the picture, leading into the H. Minton property. Today the Parkway sits on a LIPA right of way and continues east paralleling the 112 acre Link Golf Club on its north and other property owners on the south. After crossing Shelter Rock Road, it veers northeast adjoining land owned by the Boy Scouts of America. There are plenty of posts located long this stretch of the roadway on both its north and south edges. The pictures on this page were taken in April, 2009 - for some reason I never featured this area (besides the bridge) on the website before. Hope you like it - its a very peaceful walk or bike ride.

The following are links to ariel photographs taken in 1966 and 2006 of the above location. In the first 1966 photo, New Hyde Park Road is going top to bottom on the left with the Old Courthouse Road bridge crossing into the property next to the golf course on the left and the Motor Parkway going east (left to right) bordering the course. The second photo shows the entire area between the Courthouse bridge and Shelter Rock Road, and the final photo is the same location, taken in 2006.

The Starting Point - New Hyde Park Road

For the first time since exploring the Motor Parkway, I traveled west from the Old Courthouse Road bridge until I got to a point overlooking New Hyde Park Road. Here there is a stone bridge not able to be seen from the road down below due to overgrown bushes - however a large metal fence is right next to it leading into a service road for the condominium development that now abuts the Parkway on its north (actually this is the property in which the Old Courthouse Bridge leads into further east). Here's a picture of the stone bridge and some shots looking west across New Hyde Park Road and then looking back east onto the Motor Parkway toward the Old Courthouse Road bridge (the recliner shown under the bridge on the previous page has been removed - too bad, the seat on my bike isn't all that comfortable). A piece of possible roadway found near the stone bridge also is shown followed by two shots of the Old Courthouse Road bridge (and my bike that dutifully got me around that day, regardless of how the seat felt).

A Very Beautiful Section of the Motor Parkway

This happens to be a very scenic area of the Parkway, however being early April, it wasn't all that apparent. However, these shots do show what a nice area it is with some curves, the roadway very noticeable and flowers soon to bloom (and the occasional squirrel, cat and bird). The roadway meanders along with a gated community on its north (the site of the old Link Golf Club) and backyards on its south.

Posts Galore!!!

These last pictures are a few of the many posts found on either side of the roadway. They are very evident throughout most of this section, either up against the chain link fence bordering the gated community that now sits on the old Links Golf Club or up against the fences on the south. There are signs in the bushes indicating the area is owned by the village of North Hills, but that might apply to the bushes only, as much of the Parkway right of way is used by LIPA which has numerous utility posts of its own(unless LIPA leases the land from the village). The last picture shows the exit point of the roadway crossing Shelter Rock Road.

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