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Old Country Road - Mineola/Carle Place

The Motor Parkway crossed Old Country Road on the border between Mineola and Carle Place, west of Roosevelt Field and Glen Cove Road. Traveling west on Old Country Road from Glen Cove Road is an office building followed by garden apartments on the north side. Between the building and apartments lie a few Motor Parkway posts next to a cyclone fence and underneath the power lines. The following pictures show these.

View looking north - the garden apartments are on the left (west) of the posts while the office building would be on the right (east).

Looking west. The rock-like object in the center of the picture appears to be a piece of the Motor Parkway and is shown in more detail in the next picture.

A somewhat closer view of what appears to be a piece of the Motor Parkway's roadway. This shot was taken looking north - you can see the multilevel parking garage used by the office building in the rear of the picture.

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