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Spagnoli Road

These pictures are from an area of the Motor Parkway in Old Bethpage that ran east and west before crossing Route 110. The Motor Parkway ran north of Spagnoli Road, close to the sourthern edge of today's Old Bethpage Restoration Village in eastern Nassau County. Round Swamp Road is to the west. Well, behind the buildings on the north side of Spagnoli Road is a very pristine stretch of woods that goes for about 75 yards north until there appears a green metal fence running east and west (presumably the border of the Restoration Village). The pictures on this site show the eastern part of this wooded area until another fence forms the boundary of a sand mining company. As the pictures document, there are well preserved posts and what I believe to be a piece of Motor Parkway roadway. The following page documents my exploration of the same area north of Spagnoli, but walking west towards Round Swamp Road.

Looking north with the fence in the background. Notice the twisted wire coming out of the post. Many of the posts found in this stretch of wooded area have the wire still intact.

Looking east with the fence to the left (north). Many of the posts found here were very much intact among fallen trees, branches, etc.

This picture was taken looking north with two posts evident - both having twisted wire.

Close-up of one of the posts pictured above.

View Taken in Different Season

This picture looking east shows the twisted wire wrapped around the bottom of a post and extending eastward. Taken in late February, 2004 the lack of vegetation allows us to see the wire without being under the brush. The wire ran between several posts and at times appeared to vanish underground.

Another view.

Two From Behind The Fence

These posts were the only ones seen on the other side (the north side) of the fence.

Here's another post found behind the green fence near the bridge discussed in the next picture.

Old Bethpage Restoration Village Bridge

Here is a picture facing north showing a post lying in the foreground. That's the Motor Parkway bridge on the other side of fence which actually lies in the Old Bethpage Restoration Village. Another page will document this bridge with many more pictures to be shown (taken during an outing at the Village, conducted with the approval and cooperation of a Village official).

Motor Parkway Roadway

I suspect this to be an original piece of roadway found in the general vicinity of the posts.

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