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The Woods North of Stewart Ave.

Stewart Ave. in Garden City appears to be directly south of where the Motor Parkway (in blue) once was. Today, the area north of Stewart Ave., and east of the Roosevelt Field shopping mall is home to a number of buildings, some offices and some light industry. The wooded area behind these buildings (stretching to the Meadowbrook Parkway on its north) is overgrown with weeds and wild flowers (and thorn bushes) and is not very easy to navigate through. Some relics from the Motor Parkway still survive as shown below. The map that follows shows roughly the area I'm talking about. Comparing that with this map, you can pick out the Long Island Rail Road Central line tracks that this map still shows and Stewart Avenue.

This 1950 Hagstrom map shows the Motor Parkway north of Stewart Avenue (I've added the red text)and south of the Polo Fields of the Meadowbrook Club. The Meadowbrook Club and the surrounding area in yellow is today's area of and surrounding Roosevelt Field. The parking area and the adjacent area north are where Roosevelt Raceway stood. Also in this map are the railroad tracks south of Stewart Ave. mentioned earlier, leading to the Salisbury Plains Station touching the right edge of the picture mid way up. The Meadowbrook Club Golf Course is adjacent. The major addition to the map that was to come in about 6 years was the Meadowbrook Parkway, slicing north through where the Salisbury Station and the Meadowbrood Club lie. This dotted line in this map actually indicates the Meadow Brook. Additional info. about this area is found in the Map page.

1939 View

This was taken from a 1939 Hagstrom's map of LI. Note the Motor Parkway in blue (I added the blue hilight)the Meadow Brook Polo Field lower center and the Salisbury Plains train station lower right. The numbers in the yellow boxes correspond to the following (starting with 81 on the top left and following the Motor Parkway south and east): 81 - Shelter Rock Country Club, 96 - Wheatley Hill Golf Club, 64 - Old Westbury Links, 46 - Meadow Brook Club, 76 - Salisbury Golf Club. More from this Hagstrom map will be offered in the Maps page shortly.

Proof Lying in the Woods - Original Visit (circa 2005) and most recent (2017)

Positive proof of the Motor Parkway running through the woods behind the buildings on the north side of Stewart Ave. in Garden City. There is a somewhat prominent enbankment where the Parkway would have been.

Closeup of the Post

The holes going through the post used to have wire running through them. Obviously not here, but other posts shown on this site are cearly there.

Possible Roadway

Not sure, but this might be a piece of the original Motor Parkway roadway.


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