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Queens - West from Creedmore Hospital

This page highlights the Motor Parkway between Winchester Avenue on the east and Springfield Blvd. on the west. The Parkway ends (or begins, depending on which way you're headed) overlooking Winchester Avenue and the Creedmoor Hospital complex. Photos were taken in Dec. of 2008 and generally were taken while walking from east to west, even though there are different angles depending on what gave me the best shots. As you'll see, many, many posts still are highly visible.

This is a picture of the eastern most part of the Parkway described in this section, overlooking Winchester Avenue and the Creedmoor Hospital complex. Going west from here, the roadway is used as a bike and jogging path that goes under the Grand Central Parkway a bit west of this picture.

This shows the barricade and the Parkway meandering west.

Followed by a shot of the pavement of which the original Parkway roadway can be clearly seen.

This could have been entrance to the Parkway as multiple posts are found (look near the curve). The location is 50 or so yards from the barricade shown above.

The following pictures show the abundant posts found along this stretch of the roadway. Notice in some of the pictures the Grand Central Parkway in the background and the sign indicating the Parkway is part of the Brooklyn/Queens Greenway.

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