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Williston Park Remembers

The Motor Parkway crossed Williston Park at a location where a Dept. of Public Works is currently situated on the western side of Willis Avenue. The driveway of the Public Works is the Motor Parkway and is directly across from this marker, designating the roadway's historical significance.

Currently Used Parkway Section

This is the marker opposite the Public Works driveway. The marker is at the beginning of a stretch of the Motor Parkway currently used to enter a pool/park complex. The following picture shows a piece of what might be original roadway. However, it's a good possibility that it isn't after all these years. There was excavation going on so it could have been unearthed. A mystery without an answer as of yet.

Pubic Works Driveway

Here are some pictures showing the driveway of the Public Works Dept. which is considered to be the Motor Parkway. This one and the next two are looking west.

Driveway Looking West

This shows the southern edge of the driveway. The area slopes up to a row of trees which lines the driveway.

Driveway Looking East

This picture is the driveway in the foreground, looking east across Willis Avenue. The roadway across Willis Avenue is the Motor Parkway and leads to the pool/park complex.

Looking West Across Willis Avenue

This was taken from the currently used portion of the Parkway (the entrance to the pool/park complex), looking west across Willis Avenue.

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